Where did tortilla soup originate?

Answer Tortilla soup originated in Mexico. Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez and his conquistadors discovered the Aztecs making and eating flat corn breads that the Spanish named "tortillas" in 1519 A.D., ... Read More »

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What country did tortilla soup originate from?

Mexico is the country that tortilla soup originated from. Although tortilla soup was a way to use up extra chicken and tortillas, it became a classic dish to the Mexican nation.Source:Recipe Source... Read More »

Who invented tortilla soup?

Although tortillas were invented by the Mayans over 10,000 years ago, tortilla soup, according to Campbell Soup Company, was invented by the people of Mexico who added left over or stale tortillas ... Read More »

How to Make Tortilla Soup?

After a long day at work the last thing anyone wants to do is cook a big meal. If you like Mexican food, then this is a quick and easy dinner the whole family will enjoy.

When did the Mexican tortilla press originate?

There is not an exact date for the invention of the tortilla press, or tortilladora, but tortillas have been made in Mexico since approximately 10,000 BC, according to Mayan legend--or since 3000 B... Read More »