Where did these little bruises come from?

Answer Sorry Jo, I don't know the answerI'll put a star up, several of my contacts are medics

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Where do these videos come from?

I think you should forget about it. It's just a girl who probably has some problems, made this video and posted it. Before she knew it, it 'blew' up and was all over the internet. It happens all th... Read More »

Where Did These "Stars Of Bethelem" Come From?

Most likely it is regrowth from the nursery plants. Since you reactivated the soil by planting and caring for the try you revitalized the dormant plants.

Why do I get these bruises on my legs?

You get these bruises on your legs due to extravasation of blood from the vascular tissues of the leg.

Apple seeds come from apples. orange seeds come from oranges, where does grass seed come from?

If you lived in the valley I live in you wouldn't need to ask. Grass seed comes from grass.Before grass goes to see, it pollinates, and your allergic neighbor (or you, if you're unlucky) can't go o... Read More »