Where did the word zebra originate?

Answer The word "zebra" comes from the Portuguese word "zebra" or "zebro," which means a wild ass or donkey. The term originated around the year 1600 and can describe a variety of African mammals that res... Read More »

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Where did the word photography originate from?

Photography is a method for producing lasting images by means of a chemical reaction that occurs when light hits a specially prepared surface. It was invented during the first decades of the 19th c... Read More »

When did the word dinosaur originate?

From the Greek, Terrible- or more accurately, Powerful ( Like Dynamic) Lizard, dynamic they were, in Mesozoic times.

Where did the word moccasin originate?

Moccasin is a shoe made from tanned leather sewn together. The word moccasin originated with the Algonquian Native Americans. Variations of the word, depending on the native language spoken, have ... Read More »

Where does the word mattress originate?

The word mattress originated in the late 13th century. It comes from the Arabic word al-matrah literally meaning "the thing throw down." Europeans implemented the Arabic's methods of using a cushio... Read More »