Where did the term restroom originate?

Answer According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word restroom originated in England in the mid-19th century. It described a room, often in a public place, dedicated to relaxing. Later use, particu... Read More »

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Where did the term hardcore originate?

Hardcore or hard-core originated as a term used by quarriers and masons in reference to stone that had been recovered and reused as filling material. In the mid- to late-20th century hardcore start... Read More »

Where did the term snake oil originate?

The rubbing of snake oil on sore joints to relieve pain originated in China, a home remedy that migrated to England where “snake oil salesman” attempted to profit from the concept. The phrase h... Read More »

Where did the term Bluetooth originate?

The term "Bluetooth" stems from the name of a 10th century Danish king. King Harold Bluetooth, or Harald Blatand in Danish, succeeded during his reign in uniting warring parts of his kingdom. "Blue... Read More »

Where does the soccer term"goal"originate from?

Soccer has been played in Great Britain since at least the 12th century. The term "goal" has a standard non-soccer usage meaning "aim" or "destination," but according to the Oxford Dictionary, it i... Read More »