Where did Ghanaian plantain cakes derive from?

Answer Ghanaian plantain cakes, also known as "tatale," originated in the north African nation of Ghana. The small golden cakes are a staple in tropical countries where plantains are plentiful. A plantain... Read More »

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Where did the surname Kins derive?

According to the website HouseofNames, the surname Kins is of English origin and was first found in Lincolnshire, England prior to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Immigrant settlers with the surna... Read More »

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Bluetooth derives its name from the 10th century Viking king, Harald Blatand. "Blatand" loosely translates to "blue tooth." The technology was given its name by its inventors: engineers from Swedis... Read More »

What foods from Spain derive from Arabic, Jewish and Berber culture?

OK. The use of olive oil which is the foundation of Spanish cuisine, comes from the Greeks who you didn't ask about. It is possible that Marzapan and turrón also come from Greece although their o... Read More »