Where did the term"private eye"come from?

Answer The term "private eye" was first used in a work of fiction, "Bay City Blues," which is a short story written by Raymond Chandler and published in Dime Detective Magazine in 1938. It stands for priv... Read More »

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Where does the term 3G come from?

the term 3G can mean third generation or the network/connection speed.

Where did the term"pocketbook"come from?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), a pocketbook was used in the early 1600s in England to refer to a book small enough to fit in one's pocket, and was also known as a "bosom book." I... Read More »

Where did the term"BlackBerry"come from?

When Research in Motion was looking for a name for its new wireless email device, the company did not want to call it anything forgettable. So its branding company came up with BlackBerry when some... Read More »

Where did the term Nike come from?

Blue Ribbon Sport's employee Jeff Johnson came up with the name Nike in 1971 as the company's new name. The name Nike is from the Greek god of victory. The Nike swoosh symbolizes the wings of the g... Read More »