Where did the surname Picot come from?

Answer An uncommon surname in the United States but found sparingly in Virginia, Louisiana and Florida, Picot dates back to the Norman Conquest and has a very "sharply" carved history.OriginsAccording to ... Read More »

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Where did the surname Moe come from?

As a surname, "Moe" comes from either Norway or Sweden. In Norway, many farmsteads were named "Moe," and the residents of these places were sometimes given the last name Moe. In Old Norse, the name... Read More »

Where did the surname Abader come from?

The surname Abader has two possible origins. The name is believed to have been corrupted over time, making it difficult to trace the origin with certainty. One theory says that it's a German name d... Read More »

Where did the surname Butler come from?

The surname Butler originated in the British Isles, derived from the word "butler," which was a common name given to wine stewards. The word butler comes from the Norman French word "butuiller," wh... Read More »

Where did the surname Gorham come from?

The surname Gorham comes from England, when the family lived in Gorhambury manor in St. Albans, Hertfordshire County. The family owned Gorhambury during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The or... Read More »