Where did the surname Picot come from?

Answer An uncommon surname in the United States but found sparingly in Virginia, Louisiana and Florida, Picot dates back to the Norman Conquest and has a very "sharply" carved history.OriginsAccording to ... Read More »

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Picot Beading Instructions?

The three bead picot edge is a simple yet elegant way to finish bead work. Picot edging works best with Czech beads as opposed to Japanese Delicas. The reason is the Delica beads have a more square... Read More »

How to Add a New Beading Thread for Picot?

Finish the perimeter of a beaded bracelet or necklace, tatting projects and other beaded home decor with a picot edge. Picots are three-bead borders made with three 3mm or 4mm beads, three seed bea... Read More »

How to Crochet the Picot Stitch?

The picot stitch is an edging or pattern-making stitch in crochet. The picot stitch looks like a squared-off wave, and is made by doing a single crochet, followed by a chain three, followed by a sl... Read More »

How to Make a Josephine Picot in Tatting?

A Josephine picot is also known as a "purl" in tatting. It is an ornamental ring that comes from the first half of a double stitch made a specified number of times, made up of a series of single or... Read More »