Where did the scroll saw originate?

Answer The scroll saw originated in Germany in the late 1500s. A German craftsman, who probably was a clock maker, figured out how he could make blades for this type of intricate work.Source:Woodcraft: Sc... Read More »

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Where did COBRA originate?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) was passed in 1986 and provides for the continuation of health care coverage on a temporary basis. This continuation of coverage is only a... Read More »

Where did shepherd's pie originate?

Meat pies originated in England during the Middle Ages; however shepherd's pie, made with potatoes and minced meat, was not introduced until the 1700s. Shepherd's pie originated in England and Scot... Read More »

Where did panettone originate?

Pannetone, famous as an Italian Christmas cake, originated in northern Italy, most likely Milan, sometime in the 15th century. One popular historical legend tells of a young nobleman who created a ... Read More »

Where did the rumba originate?

The rumba originated in Cuba and represents a composite of several popular Cuban dances, such as the guaracha and the Cuban son. Rumba has roots in African ceremonial and religious dances and today... Read More »