What is Pushing Daisies about?

Answer "Pushing Daisies" is about Ned, a Pie maker. But he's no ordinary person. He has a gift, he can bring the dead back to life. But there are rules. If he keeps the Person/Animal/Plant alive for more ... Read More »

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Where is pushing daisies?

Pushing Daisies was cancelled in June of 2009. The show ran for two seasons and aired 22 episodes.

How to Stop Pushing People Away?

So, you've identified that you have a problem with pushing people away, whatever the situation or reason. Well done!. You're well on your way to understanding, and conquering, this issue. Usually, ... Read More »

How to Stop Pushing People Away from You?

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Can you straighten your teeth by pushing on them?

I used to wonder this too when I was a little girl! But no, you cannot push your teeth into a position that you want them to be in because the amount of force and time that you would have to do thi... Read More »