Where did the name hamstring come from?

Answer The word hamstring is comprised of "ham", which originally meant the muscle and fatty portion behind the knee, and "string", which indicates the string-like tendons that are located on either side ... Read More »

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What does your hamstring do?

The hamstring is one of the most important muscles in the body. It's function is necessary for functioning on a daily basis. The hamstring is both a mover and stabilizer.IdentificationThe hamstring... Read More »

What is a hamstring?

A hamstring is the long muscle that runs from the bottom of your rear end down to your knee. The hamstring is the muscle in back of what we commonly call the "thigh."FunctionThe hamstring is used i... Read More »

What will help a torn hamstring?

Try the RICE method. The R stands for rest, make sure you rest your leg and get plenty of fluids, try not to walk around on it to much, if you must use a crutch. The I stands for Ice. Make sure y... Read More »

Where is the hamstring tendon?

Hamstring muscles are located in the thigh and are attached to hamstring tendons in the back of the knee. Hamstring tendons can become torn or sprained from injury. Sharp pain, swelling and tendern... Read More »