How old do you have to be to work at Applebees, or a similar restaurant, or McDonalds, or a similar restaurant?

Answer 15 in some states with a work permit from your school.At 16 you can apply anywhere. If you make it a career tell the hiring manager thatand he will be far more likely to hire you. They love Waitres... Read More »

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Where can get Applebees coupon's from?

just send this email to 10 people and bill gates and aol will send u a 50.00 gift really works too!!! it happened to my cousins,cousins cousins sister and he seen it!!!!!!

Is Applebees a Darden Restaurant?

No. Darden owns Olive Garden however, if you don't want to go to RL. :)

Where does the name come from ?

good, question, i really don't knowall i know tht if u want to search for somethin u 'GOOGLE it' even though if u use any other search engine, but tht b/c it became so popular worldbut who ever cam... Read More »

Where did the name Bryant come from?

The name Bryant originated in Ireland. Believed to be of Old Breton descent, the name is a derivative of the name "Brian" and means "bringing honor or dignity" in its basic form.References:Surname ... Read More »