Where did the name Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva come from?

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What is Fibrodyplasia Ossificans Progressiva?

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva is a rare, disabling genetic diseases that affects 1 in 2 million people. There are 700 confirmed cases in the world and 235 of those are in the United States.... Read More »

Where did the name Kodak come from?

George Eastman, founder of the camera company, came up with the name Kodak. Eastman explained that he liked the letter "K" because it is strong and incisive. He tried many combinations beginning an... Read More »

Where did NOFX's name come from?

The California skate-punk band NOFX found inspiration for its name from a now-defunct Boston hardcore band called Negative FX. NOFX guitarist Eric Melvin said the name NOFX is meant to symbolize th... Read More »

Where did the name hamstring come from?

The word hamstring is comprised of "ham", which originally meant the muscle and fatty portion behind the knee, and "string", which indicates the string-like tendons that are located on either side ... Read More »