In csi Miami did Caliegh and Eric split up when Eric left?

Answer It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One

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What is the origin of the name Eric?

Eric is a masculine name derived from the Old Norse name Eirikr, which combines the words "ei" and "rikr." These mean "ever" and "ruler" respectively. Old Norse was spoken in Scandinavian countries... Read More »

Does Eric die on CSI Miami?

No but he is near death when he is shot in the neck

Why did Eric leave CSI Miami?

he was not fired he came back a few months later after he got shot in the head then he left again because of personnal probelms then he came back in the episode all fall down cause the fans saved h... Read More »

Who played Eric on csi Miami?

Eric Delko was played by Adam Rodriguez.