Where did the john cleese skit on terror from the bbc first appear?

Answer 'Bring It On Down' by Franklyns Insanity.

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Was john cleese in fawlty towers?

yup he sure was, so was prunella scales, connie booth and my favourite Andrew sachs

Is the War on Terror the same as the Iraq War?

Yes. The Iraq War is part of the War on Terror.

Is this is war on Islam or war on terror?

It is the War on Terror, but it's not the best name. In Iraq and Afghanistan, it's more like the War on Insurgents Hell-Bent on Destabilizing a Country. In other countries, it's the War on... What ... Read More »

When is The White Terror Rises Coming?

In June or July 31. It's from Barney and Phineas! In German, it comes out at April 24! P.S. I am waiting for it!