Where did the idea for spice racks come from?

Answer Necessity.

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Where did the idea for ketchup packets come from?

In 1943, Leroy L. Salfisberg received a patent for his “Package Openable by Tearing,” a disposable method of packaging commodities. Building on this idea, Dominic A. Sinni patented a non-porous... Read More »

Where did the magnolia tree come from?

According to the United States National Arboretum, about 80 species of magnolia trees originate from the eastern United States and southeast Asia. Of those 80 species, eight are indigenous to the U... Read More »

Where did Malcolm X's last name come from in his family tree?

Christened Malcolm Little by his parents Earl Little and Louise (Norton) Little, he changed his last name to "X" in 1953. The adoption of the surname "X" is a way of rejecting a familial last name ... Read More »

How to Buy a Christmas Tree from a Tree Farm?

A Christmas tree farm.When we start noticing Christmas tree sales spring up in shopping mall parking lots, at home and garden centers and near local convenience stores, everyone knows that Christma... Read More »