What are the origins of the Marco Polo swimming pool game?

Answer Marco Polo is a game played in a swimming pool by many children and adults; it is a popular game that has been played for centuries. The history of Marco Polo is tied up with the history of the man... Read More »

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How to Play Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is a fun swimming pool game. It's great for pool parties and can be played with any number of players. The object of the game is to avoid getting tagged by "Marco"

What did the Italians eat before Marco Polo discovered Chinese noddles?

Marco Polo did not bring pasta back from China and revolutionize Italian cooking (sorry). Polo returned in 1295 after twenty-odd years of travel away from Italy. In 1279, however, a Genoese soldier... Read More »

How many holes in a polo game?

Polo features no holes. Unlike croquet, another game using mallets, where players hit balls through hoops, or golf, where players hit balls into holes, polo players try to send their ball into the ... Read More »

Was Marco padilla ever captured?