Where did the coat of arms originate?

Answer The coat of arms originated in England during the medieval times in order that people could distinguish their friends from their enemies during battle. First worn on shields, soldiers then began we... Read More »

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What is the Franciscan coat of arms?

The Franciscan movement in the Catholic Church started about 800 years ago. Its coat of arms shows a cross, with two hands crossing each other in front of the cross. One hand is that of St. Francis... Read More »

What is the coat of arms of The Gambia?

The Gambian coat of arms depicts two lions holding an axe and a hoe and supporting a shield with a picture of an axe and hoe depicted in the center of the shield. A helmet with a local oil palm pla... Read More »

What is mantling on a coat of arms?

According to the Coat of Arms Store website, the mantling around a coat of arms is a representation of the cloak worn in medieval times by knights. Mantling is the leafy, swirling mass around the e... Read More »

How to Make a Friendship Coat of Arms?

Do you and your Friend want to make something different? A friendship Coat of Arms is the one for you, it it is easy and fun, and can wow the crowd, you can read these tips if you don't know how to... Read More »