Where did the bongo drums originate from?

Answer Contemporary bongo drums can be traced back to the Changui and Son musical styles in Cuba. Bongo drums originated in the late 1800s in the Oriente province of eastern Cuba.Source:Rhythm Web: Bongo ... Read More »

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Where did bongo drums come from?

Bongo drums as we know them today originated in Cuba, although the styles of Cuban music in which they were used are rooted in African music. In the 1940s metal lugs were added to make tuning easie... Read More »

Where in Africa did the bongo drums come from?

The bongo drum originated in Cuba during the 1800s near Guantanamo. The bongo was influenced by African American immigrants who brought conga drums. The conga drum came from the Congo region of Afr... Read More »

Where did the bongo drum originate?

Bongo drums originated from Cuba through 19th-century, native music styles known as Changui and Son, with roots from Africa. They evolved from the Abakuan Drum trio 'Bonko' and bongos are still a p... Read More »

What is the difference between bongo drums&congo drums?

Bongos and congas are hand-played, open-ended drums from Cuba, with roots in African percussion. They have been used in Cuban popular music since the late 1800s. Despite some similarities, they are... Read More »