Where did the Whoopee Cushion come from?

Answer The Whoopee Cushion was originally manufactured by the JEM Rubber Company located in Toronto, Canada starting in 1930. It was sold by the Johnson Smith and Company in 1931 in their novelty mail ord... Read More »

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Who created the Whoopee Cushion?

The Toronto, Canada-based rubber company JEM Rubber Co. is responsible for the invention of the Whoopee Cushion novelty prank item. The company, which mostly dealt in rubber products for manufactur... Read More »

How to Pull the Whoopee Cushion Prank?

Whoopee Cushion!The whoopee cushion prank is a very old gag where the victim sit on it and it sounds like they are farting. However, it is very easy to do wrong and the person finding out

How was the first whoopee cushion invented?

The Whoopee Cushion was first invented in 1930 when employees at the JEM Rubber Company where experimenting with scrap rubber.Whoopee CushionA Whoopee Cushion is a practical joke device that when u... Read More »

Apple seeds come from apples. orange seeds come from oranges, where does grass seed come from?

If you lived in the valley I live in you wouldn't need to ask. Grass seed comes from grass.Before grass goes to see, it pollinates, and your allergic neighbor (or you, if you're unlucky) can't go o... Read More »