Where did Adidas originate?

Answer Adidas originated in Germany in 1920 when Adi Dassler, a shoemaker and sports enthusiast, decided to create shoes made specifically for sports and training athletes. With two hired shoemakers and h... Read More »

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Where do meteorites originate?

Scientists believe most asteroids originate in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Either the sun's gravitational field or its collision with an object in this area forces meteorites out of... Read More »

Where did white ale originate?

The origins of white ale lie in the beer produced in a monastery near the Belgian town of Hoegaarden in the 15th century. According to John’s Grocery Inc., the website of an Iowa business that sp... Read More »

Where did eye glasses originate?

According to the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, explorer Marco Polo first discovered Chinese men wearing eye glasses around 1270 A.D. Chinese legend places the invention of sp... Read More »

Where did key lime pie originate?

According to Gourmet Sleuth, key lime pie was originally made in Key West, Florida. The pie recipe typically calls for condensed milk because it was created before the advent of modern refrigeratio... Read More »