Where did the Roman government meet to conduct its business?

Answer According to, the Roman government (composed of appointed senators) met in Rome at the senate house, or curia, which was part of the Forum. They also met in the Temple of Bello... Read More »

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Can you conduct business in Illinois without a business registration?

All entities that do business in Illinois have to register with the state's Department of Revenue. No exception to this requirement is listed on the department's official website. Even government a... Read More »

Guidelines for the Conduct of Informal Briefing Sessions for the Local Government?

The exact guidelines for making an informal presentation or briefing varies based on state law and local government policies according to the First Amendment Center. Speakers should prepare a prese... Read More »

How to Conduct Business in China?

Western companies and entrepreneurs are looking east to the opportunities that China offers. But conducting business in China bears little resemblance to doing so in the west. Both the rules of eti... Read More »

How to Conduct Due Diligence When Buying a Business?

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