Where did the Marine NCO sword originate?

Answer The non-commissioned officer (NCO) sword of the United States Marine Corps is the 1858 cavalry sword. It was granted to Marine NCOs after Marine Corps officers returned to using the Mameluke sword ... Read More »

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What is the name of the Marine officer sword?

The Marine's sword is known as the Mameluke sword. The name is derived from the Mameluke tribe in North Africa, who presented Lieutenant Presley O'Bannon with a sword in 1805 after O'Bannon and his... Read More »

Where can I get an authentic Marine Corps NCO sword?

This should help you out.…

Serial number 380 marine corps sword?

(SGT) Matthew Kayle Carmichael USMC / desendant of Richard Warren from the Mayflower and keeper of the Morning light of the Star of David, Judicator of the laws of mankind.... and posessor of the d... Read More »

What marine ranks have a sword as part of their dress blues?

I thought they ALL did.....please correct me if I'm wrong. ^^^^^ you are wrong. only officers and NCO's have swords. junior marines (E-3 and below) are not authorized to carry a sword as a part of... Read More »