Where did the Japanese honeysuckle come from?

Answer The Japanese honeysuckle was imported from East Asia to New York in 1806 for use as an ornamental plant to control erosion and to provide a habitat for wildlife. In the mid- to late 1800s, it sprea... Read More »

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Where did the Japanese honeysuckle originally come from?

Japanese honeysuckle is native to Japan and was introduced to America in 1806 to be used as a decorative groundcover. It was first planted in Long Island, N.Y. It was not recognized as a problem pl... Read More »

What Factors Keep the Japanese Honeysuckle From Being a Problem There?

Japanese honeysuckle is an invasive vining shrub illegal to grow in many parts of the United States and New Zealand. It is native to Asia but grows along the eastern United States, New Zealand and ... Read More »

Is the Japanese honeysuckle poisonous?

The glossy black berries on a Japanese honeysuckle plant are indeed poisonous---although only if consumed in large quantities. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweat, rapid heartbeat, pupi... Read More »

How do I kill Japanese honeysuckle?

Remove PlantsGrip the plant low on the vine and pull the entire plant, including roots, out of the ground. Plants are most easily removed as seedlings.Mow PlantsLift the vines of the ground and saw... Read More »