Where did the Egyptian queen Nefertiti live?

Answer The ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti lived in the city of Tel El Amarna with the pharaoh Akhenaten and their children, according to Minnesota State University Mankato. Tel El Amarna had a populatio... Read More »

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How to Look Like an Egyptian Queen?

Most Egyptian pharaohs were male, but the handful of known females has captured the modern imagination. Cleopatra is perhaps the best-known yet most mysterious Egyptian queen. Others include Nefert... Read More »

How to Be an Egyptian Queen to Others?

Egyptian queens were said to be clever and beautiful, but most of all incredibly powerful. People believed they were goddesses. Here are a few tips to make sure that your friends and family recogni... Read More »

How to Make Egyptian Queen Crowns?

Egyptian queen crowns aren't like your typical fairy princess crowns. They were often simply gold bands decorated with precious stones, and sometimes included beads that flowed down into the hair. ... Read More »

Who was the Egyptian queen who fought off the Romans?

Cleopatra was the final Egyptian queen to rule before Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire. Rome declared war against Cleopatra in 32 B.C. Cleopatra committed suicide after defeat in battle ... Read More »