Blair Witch Project?

Answer way way way over rated

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What was the monster in the Blair Witch Project?

The monster or entity stalking and terrorizing the characters in the film "The Blair Witch Project" is never shown, leaving its identity to the imagination of audiences. The characters in the film ... Read More »

Where was"The Blair Witch Project"filmed?

The 1999 film "The Blair Witch Project" was filmed in various small towns and state parks in Maryland. The supernatural faux-documentary includes footage from such wooded areas as Patapsco Valley S... Read More »

Blair Witch Project Information?

When "The Blair Witch Project" movie was released it was sold marketed as a true story, and many people believed this. To this day some people still think that the story is true. In reality, howeve... Read More »

Blair witch project: real or a clever fake?

Where have you been? It is fake. It was played off as a real event on the Sci-Fi channel before it came out in an attempt to hype up the movie.. Look at the credits... What real amateur video has w... Read More »