Where did stem cell research originate?

Answer Stem cell research originated with the efforts of James E. Till and Ernest A. McCulloch. Till and McCulloch were Canadian scientists who undertook research during the 1960s that resulted in the mor... Read More »

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How to Promote Stem Cell Research?

Stem cell research is the cutting edge of science, and it could hold the possibilities for the cures of several human ailments. Despite its controversial nature, it is not a hard position to defend.

Stem Cell Research at Universities?

With the distinctive ability to change from unspecialized cells to another type of cell with a more specialized function, stem cells offer hope for treatments or cures for a range of diseases and c... Read More »

What is bad about embryonic stem cell research?

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are undifferentiated cells harvested from blastocysts---the stage of development 4 to 5 days past fertilization. ESCs can become any type of tissue in the body; this is ... Read More »

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