Where did stage makeup start?

Answer Dr. Tara Maginnis of says stage makeup began in 5th century Athens, Greece, when Thespis, one of the world's first renowned actors, applied white lead and shades of red to his face. Sh... Read More »

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How to Do Stage Makeup?

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How to Do Stage Makeup for Men?

Makeup is an essential prop to any stage production, and even men need to spend time at the hands of a makeup artist. Stage productions require stage makeup for any actor regardless of gender, beca... Read More »

How to Do Stage Makeup on Kids?

Need to do appropriate make up for a child in a play or beauty contest? Follow these steps.

How to Put on Makeup for Stage Lighting?

Properly applying stage makeup is a vital part of being a stage actor. The audience studies the emotions on your face, but without appropriate makeup, stage lighting can wash out your natural shado... Read More »