Where did sony get the name?

Answer Sony founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita established the company's name by blending Sonus, the Latin word for sonic, with Sonny, an American slang term for a small boy. According to Sony's websit... Read More »

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Why does Sony require you to give your full name and address when downloading the PC Suite for Sony Ericsson?

This is just like anything else on the Internet such as "quality assurance" surveys and so on. They are doing it because your name is sold. This is why people in the United States recieve so much j... Read More »

What was the original name of the Sony Walkman?

Sony's portable stereo cassette player went through several names before Sony finally decided on the "Walkman". Originally, Sony wanted to name the product the "Stereo Walky", but the "Walky" name ... Read More »

Name of song in new sony bravia advert?

Where are sony XBR TVs made?

Sony's main manufacturing plant is in Inazawa, Japan. The plant there starting in 1969. The company has since expanded, with factories in Mexico and Spain, as well as a factory in Slovakia that beg... Read More »