Where did snow globes originate?

Answer Though the history is murky, snow globes supposedly originated in Europe in the late 1800s. According to American Profile magazine, snow globes became more widespread after appearing at the Paris E... Read More »

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How to Make Fake Snow for Snow Globes?

Are your snow globes missing some snow? This article will tell you how to make some new snow for your snow globes.

What is in snow globes?

Snow globes are full of distilled water. The snow particles can be various materials, including rice and sawdust. Some snow particles are ceramic or plastic. The landscapes in a snow globe also can... Read More »

How to Display Snow Globes?

Snow globes add sparkle to a room whether you display them at the holidays or year round. A striking snow globe display involves more than simply placing the collection on a shelf. Take time to cre... Read More »

Can snow globes be repaired?

Snow globes can break if dropped or exposed to extreme temperatures, but it is possible to repair them. Some snow globe manufacturers and businesses specializing in snow globe repair can often fix... Read More »