Where did shepherd's pie originate?

Answer Meat pies originated in England during the Middle Ages; however shepherd's pie, made with potatoes and minced meat, was not introduced until the 1700s. Shepherd's pie originated in England and Scot... Read More »

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Where is silver mountain shepherds located?

Silver Mountain Shepherds is a breeder of white, black and silver German shepherd dogs. According to their website, Silver Mountain dogs are never enclosed, but are allowed free access to thousands... Read More »

Where did puggles originate?

A puggle is a mixture of the Beagle and Pug dog breeds. The breed originated in the United States. Puggles are generally first-generation (from breeding purebred Beagles and Pugs) or second-generat... Read More »

Where did the headphones originate?

It is "我的耳机在哪儿"。

Where did panettone originate?

Pannetone, famous as an Italian Christmas cake, originated in northern Italy, most likely Milan, sometime in the 15th century. One popular historical legend tells of a young nobleman who created a ... Read More »