Where did shepherd's pie originate?

Answer Meat pies originated in England during the Middle Ages; however shepherd's pie, made with potatoes and minced meat, was not introduced until the 1700s. Shepherd's pie originated in England and Scot... Read More »

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Job Description for Shepherds?

Animals that congregate in herds require attendants to keep them together and away from hazardous terrain and regions with predators. A shepherd is in charge of groups of sheep. Based on informatio... Read More »

How to Draw German Shepherds?

German shepherds are known for being loyal and intelligent dogs. They make great models for drawing, since their large body structure is composed of simple shapes than can be easily detailed. Draw ... Read More »

How to Trim Australian Shepherds?

In one of those strange linguistic twists of irony, Australian Shepherds are not from Australia. They are, in fact, from the Western United States. "Aussies" are considered a medium sized dog and a... Read More »

How to Raise German Shepherds?

German shepherd dogs require owners who are dedicated to their upbringing and training. Although generally obedient and well-behaved, shepherds have a tendency to be stubborn, controlling and domin... Read More »