Where did scabies originate?

Answer It is likely that scabies has been around for about as long as there have been humans and spread throughout the world with humans as they migrated across the continents. There have been several ref... Read More »

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Where did scabies originate from?

Scabies is an infectious, parasitic skin condition caused by scabies or itch mites also known as Sarcoptes scabiei, which burrow under your skin and lay eggs, causing red bumps, discomfort and extr... Read More »

Where do you first start itching with scabies?

Mites burrowing under the skin cause the condition known as scabies. These mites can infect any area on the body and cause itching. The itching occurs where the mites are located under the skin, bu... Read More »

Where did the plantain originate?

Plantains are thought to have originated on the continent of Africa and were brought to India and parts of Southeast Asia through trade routes. It is widely thought that Caribbean plantains were br... Read More »

Where did limes originate?

Limes are native to southern Asia, especially the East Indies. In the 10th century, they were brought to north Africa and the middle East by Islamic traders, and from there they came to Europe, whe... Read More »