Where did rhythm and blues music originate?

Answer Modern rhythm and blues (R&B) music was invented in 1940s. Jerry Wexler coined the term "rhythm and blues" in 1949 to replace the outdated term "race music." Rhythm and blues music developed across... Read More »

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What Is Rhythm & Blues Music?

Rhythm & Blues (also called R&B) is a broad term used to classify a wide range of popular music. It is usually used when talking about music created and listened to by a predominantly African Ameri... Read More »

Where did blues music originate?

The blues originated from the plantation-style, call and response-type singing by African-American slaves in the southern United States. They had brought over a primitive banjo from Africa; in the ... Read More »

What is rhythm&meter in music?

Rhythm and meter are different but interrelated concepts used to organize musical time and space. As with many aspects of music, both are fundamentally mathematical constructs.Meter Sets the Parame... Read More »

How to Count During Exercise With Music From Piano Rhythm?

The first step in learning to read music is to master musical counting. Musical scores are made up of symbols which tell the player when to play, how long to play a note and the pace of the music. ... Read More »