Where did pidgin English originate?

Answer Pidgin is a form of simplified speech that involves two languages being mixed together to form a basic vocabulary. Hawai'i Creole is an example of pidgin English that was introduced to the Hawaiian... Read More »

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Where is pidgin English spoken?

Pidgin English is a form of English with simplified vocabulary and rules of grammar. People around the world use various forms of pidgin English to communicate when they don't share a common langua... Read More »

How to Learn Pidgin-Signed English Online?

Pidgin Signed English (PSE), also known as contact signing, is a unique form of sign language that mixes American Sign Language (ASL) rules with English grammar. The majority of signs derive from A... Read More »

What is pidgin?

When two or more populations speaking different languages must communicate, two processes can occur. One population can learn the language of the other. Or both populations develop a simplified com... Read More »

Is it possible to train an owl like a pidgin?

Possible but not practical…You might get friendlier and more informative answers if you posted ?'s like this in the "other pets" section.