Where did photography originate?

Answer where do photography originate?It originated from a drawing device called a camera obscura.

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Where did the word photography originate from?

Photography is a method for producing lasting images by means of a chemical reaction that occurs when light hits a specially prepared surface. It was invented during the first decades of the 19th c... Read More »

Where is Eugene Atget photography studio and Where is the main location of his photography?

Where did churros originate?

Churros were first eaten by shepherds in the Spanish mountains because they could cook them easily around a campfire. Eventually, the dessert reached South America and became a favorite in Hispanic... Read More »

Where did pretzels originate?

The exact origin of pretzels is not certain, but pretzels first appeared in Southern France or Northern Italy in approximately A.D. 610. Monks started making pretzels as a treat for children that l... Read More »