Where did parsley come from?

Answer parsley originated from the highest mountains of la la land!! i have been there, very beautiful place.

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What continent does parsley come from?

It originate from the mediterranean, so it is proberbly not from a single continent since it conclude vest-Asia, north-Africa and south Europe - and remember there is different species/cultivars.Bu... Read More »

What part of the plant does parsley come from?

Parsley is the leaf and stem of the plant with the same name. Its easy to grow and makes Italian dishes and seafood so much tastier.

Can I grow a parsley plant from dried parsley flakes?

No,the parsley that is dried comes from the leaves of the plant,but you need the seeds to grow new plants.The seed stalk comes up above the plant in an umbrella shape.Commercial parsley would never... Read More »

Where did Parsley originate from?

It originated from the mediterranian sea