Where did jazz music begin?

Answer Jazz music originally started in New Orleans in the late 1800s, but recordings of the music did not begin until 1917. The development of jazz music comes from blues, ragtime and brass-band music.So... Read More »

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Where did jazz music come from?

Jazz, a uniquely American musical form, came about through the mixing of African, Creole and African-American traditions.African InfluenceAfrican drumming and dance traditions made their way to the... Read More »

How are jazz dance&jazz music connected?

Jazz has remained a popular musical and dance style because of its ability to reflect cultural changes while holding on to its original flair. Jazz music and jazz dance originate from the simple de... Read More »

Where did rap music begin?

Rap music began in the 1980s. It originated in the West Bronx in New York City. The father of rap is named Kool Herc, who immigrated to America from Kingston, Jamaica.Source:Africa Within: The Orig... Read More »

Where is the music video to 'begin again -Taylor Swift' filmed?

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