Where did jacques cartier go to school?

Answer Jacques Cartier went to school in Dieppe, France. Considering he was a notable explorer, he discovered the St. Lawrence River, learning about navigation was essential for his education. Dieppe was ... Read More »

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Where is Jacques Cartier from?

Jacques Cartier was a 16th-century French navigator and explorer who discovered the St. Lawrence River in 1535. He was born in 1491 in the city of Saint-Malo in the Brittany region of France. He di... Read More »

Where did Jacques Cartier land?

Jacques Cartier, a French explorer, landed on the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada during his first voyage to North America in 1534. He also explored Prince Edward Island, the St. Lawrence River and ... Read More »

Where did Jacques Cartier do most of his exploring?

Jacques Cartier, a 16th century French explorer, is best known for his exploration of and treks around the St. Lawrence Seaway, in what is today known as Quebec and Newfoundland. His travels establ... Read More »

Who are the parents of Jacques Cartier?

Jacques Cartier, famous explorer of what is now Canada, was born in France in 1491. His father was Jamet Cartier, eldest son of Jean Cartier. Jacques' mother was Geseline Jansart. Jacques was the... Read More »