Where did hepatitis B originate?

Answer Researchers found three chimpanzees in Cameroon, Africa living in the wild with the virus. The strain of virus was a match to that infecting an Orangutan at the London Zoo. Orangutans have been lon... Read More »

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Where can I get a free hepatitis A shot in st.louis today?

If this shot would be free, what I really doubt, than you can get it in any hospital. So you have to ask if it is free, and if not you can't get it..

Where did Kindermusik originate?

Kindermusik began in 1968 in West Germany when the government commissioned the development of a program for musical education through movement aimed at kindergarten-aged children. In 1974, Kindermu... Read More »

Where did photography originate?

where do photography originate?It originated from a drawing device called a camera obscura.

Where and how did the necktie originate?

Neckties originate from cravats worn by Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years War (1618–1648).