Where did german immigrants cross the appalachian mountains?

Answer The Cumberland Gap is a geological formation in the Appalachian Mountains at the borders of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. The Gap is a natural "doorway" in the mountain range leading into a l... Read More »

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Where are the Appalachian Mountains on an atlas of Georgia?

When looking at an atlas, the Appalachian Mountains extend over northern Georgia, with the largest stretch of the range found in the state's northwestern corner. The Cohuttas, the Unakas, the Cumbe... Read More »

What mountains are in the Appalachian Plateau in Georgia?

The Appalachian Plateau in the northwestern corner of Georgia is home to the Sand, Lookout and Pigeon mountains.The plateau is a part of a mountain system that reaches from Alabama to New York.Refe... Read More »

Why did German immigrants come to the U.S.?

The 19th century was a great period of emigration for Germany. What we now call Germany was originally a loose federation of states with a common-based language.BeginningsAccording to the American ... Read More »

When did German immigrants come to Texas?

The first German immigrants in Texas came in the 1830s and settled at Industry, in Austin County, which was established by Friedrich Ernst and Charles Fordtran. An influx of immigrants came later, ... Read More »