Why esperanto speakers edit the wiki page by themselves and fabricate "esperanto has 2000000 speakers" ?

Answer It doesn't say that in the Wikipedia article. What it actually says is "Estimates of Esperanto speakers range from 10,000 to 2,000,000 active or fluent speakers". 2,000,000 is the high estimate. Th... Read More »

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Where Did BMI Originate From?

If you want to blame someone for your body-mass index, blame Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. Just know that you wouldn't have wanted to argue with him: The Belgian-born mathematician was known as one of ... Read More »

Where did pai gow originate from?

Pai gow originated in China. References to the domino tiles used in pai gow date back to 1120, during the Song Dynasty. Pai gow poker, which combined the card game and the domino game, was first pl... Read More »

Where did Parsley originate from?

It originated from the mediterranian sea

Where do beignets originate from?

Beignets are most commonly associated in the United States with New Orleans' French Quarter. But these tasty, deep-fried treats can trace their origins back to 16th century Europe. France made them... Read More »