When did the dodo live on Earth?

Answer The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and was discovered by Portuguese explorers, who landed there in 1507. By 1681, hunting and destruction of the dodo's habitat had led to... Read More »

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Where do perching birds live?

Perching birds, also known as Passerines, live in many types of climates---including dry, wet, mild and tropical locations. They can be found in grasslands, urban environments, forests, deserts and... Read More »

Why do birds live in the canopy level?

Birds frequently live in the canopy level of forests and rain forests, and there are a number of reasons as well as environmental factors and benefits that led to this behavior.NestingMany birds bu... Read More »

Native Birds That Live in Florida?

Of the hundreds of native birds in Florida, birders group them into two main categories: water birds such as seabirds, long-legged shore birds, smaller shore birds, ducks and other water birds; and... Read More »

What Type of Birds Live in the Desert?

Even though deserts are hot and arid environments, hundreds of species thrive in these habitats. A great variety of birds live in the desert, each fulfilling a different role for their ecosystem. W... Read More »