Where did bread pudding originate?

Answer Bread pudding originated in Europe in the 13th century. It was often made to salvage stale bread by moistening it with milk or water, then baking it with other ingredients. It later became popular ... Read More »

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How to Make Bread Pudding With Challah Bread?

Bread pudding is a dessert that makes use of day-old, slightly stale bread. Learn how to make bread pudding with challah bread for a slightly rich pudding that you can serve for dessert or breakfas... Read More »

Can I use potato bread to make bread pudding?

There are bread pudding recipes that specify that potato bread or potato rolls be used in place of white bread. There are also Cajun-inspired recipes that call for French bread and sweet potatoes w... Read More »

Where did plum pudding originate from?

Plum pudding was originally a method of preserving meats in bread before there was refrigeration to keep food safe. Plum pudding consisted of meat and whatever fruit was at hand. The food is a trad... Read More »

How did yorkshire pudding originate?

Yorkshire pudding originates from England. The English serve the dish to accompany a meat dish.OriginsYorkshire pudding originated in northeastern England. According to a "New York Times" article, ... Read More »