Why did baseball cards originate?

Answer With an image of a team or player on one side and advertising material on the other, baseball cards originated in the 1860s as a way for companies to offer a collectible souvenir which would also p... Read More »

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Where did the kilt originate?

Kilts are found primarily in Scotland. They were originally invented as noble attire by the Celts. The exact place that the kilt was first made is lost to history, but one can safely assume that it... Read More »

Where did eyeglasses originate?

Seneca, the writer of tragedies, is reported to have read all the written works of Rome by looking through a globe filled with water in order to magnify the words. However, a rock crystal that had ... Read More »

Where did gatorade originate?

Gatorade was originally formulated at the University of Florida in Tallahassee in 1965. Developed by university scientists to help the football team better handle the heat and humidity of summer w... Read More »

Where do meteorites originate?

Scientists believe most asteroids originate in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Either the sun's gravitational field or its collision with an object in this area forces meteorites out of... Read More »