Where did all my contacts go ?

Answer Holllaa!!Cheers =)

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Where have all my old contacts gone. Will you dedicate some songs to the great contacts that have left YA.?

For my sweet friend who loves her canines AJ (hugs)Angel by Sarah McLachalan…

Where to buy Colored contacts?

There is no such thing as a reliable site to buy coloured contacts from. They are unregulated and potentially dangerous to your eyesight. If you intend doing this realize that whereever you buy the... Read More »

Where can I order contacts?

Ordering contact lenses online has never been easier. There are many reputable websites that offer contact lenses at great prices and excellent quality. If you are looking to order your contacts on... Read More »

Where can I buy tinted contacts?

There's a lot of websites that have many different kinds of contacts. But I'm not 100% sure if they ship to the UK? I guess just try looking up "tinted contacts" on google? s: