Where did Thomas Saint invent the sewing machine?

Answer Thomas Saint lived in London, England in 1790. He patented his sewing machine on July 17, 1790. The actual patent he filed described three different types of machines, only one of which was for se... Read More »

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Did Elias Howe invent the sewing machine?

Elias Howe is credited with the invention of the first practical sewing machine, paving the way for mass production of clothing. Previously, clothing could be manufactured only by hand. He patented... Read More »

Who is considered the first american to invent a successful sewing machine?

Several sewing machines were invented in Europe, but Walter Hunt developed the first working sewing machine in America in 1834, although he didn't patent the idea. The machine had two aspects that ... Read More »

How to Convert a Cabinet Sewing Machine to a Portable Sewing Machine?

Some sewing machines are not built to sit directly on a work surface. If you want to remove a sewing machine from your cabinet, the machine must be made portable. This is easy to do by purchasing a... Read More »

Help! Inside my brothers XL-2600 sewing machine, the thread will clump up inside of the sewing machine.?

Bet you forgot to thread the top of the machine with the presser foot up (which opens the tension disks and lets the thread in so it's properly tensioned when you put the foot down to sew), and you... Read More »