Where did Thomas Edison invent the phonograph?

Answer Thomas Edison was in Menlo Park, USA, when he first invented the phonograph. This was a tin foil phonograph. The phonograph played cylinders and not disks which led to his discovery that he could p... Read More »

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When did Thomas Edison invent the perfected phonograph?

Thomas Edison is known for many inventions, including the phonograph. The invention of the phonograph came about as he was working on two other inventions: the telephone and the telegraph. He teste... Read More »

Did Thomas Edison invent photography?

No Thomas Edison did not invent photography. Employing data from the researches of Johann Heinrich Schulze-who, in 1727, discovered that silver nitrate darkened upon exposure to light-Thomas Wedgwo... Read More »

Why did thomas edison invent the light bulb?

The renowned U.S. inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, did not invent the light bulb. The English scientist Sir Joseph Wilson Swan is usually credited with creating the first practical bulb, though severa... Read More »

When did Thomas Edison invent the movie projector?

Thomas Edison first patented the idea for the Kinetoscope in 1888, despite the fact he had not yet invented the device. Edison patented the actual device in 1891, and gave its first public demonstr... Read More »