What does the saying"dressed to the nines"mean?

Answer A person "dressed to the nines" is someone fashionably and elaborately attired. The phrase most likely came about because the number nine has long served as a superlative, according to the website ... Read More »

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What does"dressed to the nines"mean?

The phrase "dressed to the nines" means that a person is dressed in her best clothing, according to For example, you may say that a teenager dressed up for prom is "dressed to the... Read More »

Where did the saying"hair of the dog"come from?

"Hair of the dog" is a term for a small drink of alcohol that is supposed to cure a hangover. It comes from an old Roman saying, "like is cured by like." At one time, people believed that putting s... Read More »

Where did the saying"sick as a dog"come from?

The saying "sick as a dog" likely originated in Britain, where "sick" is used more often to describe vomiting than simply feeling ill. It possibly refers to a dog's penchant for eating, and then vo... Read More »

Where did the saying"the birds&the bees"come from?

The use of birds and bees as a means to explain sexual reproduction might be linked to a 1928 Cole Porter song, "Let's Do It," with the lyrics: "And that's why birds do it, bees do it/Even educated... Read More »