Where did the U.S. Marines get their name?

Answer The U.S. Marines are named after the United Kingdom and Dutch marines, both of which were organizations designed to defend sailing vessels. They were originally different from sailors, though, in t... Read More »

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Where did LifeSavers get their name?

Candy inventor Clarence Crane named his Life Savers candies for their resemblance to life preservers used on oceans, lakes and other waters. Crane first marketed Life Savers in 1912. He created the... Read More »

Where did deviled eggs get their name?

The term "deviled" was originally used to describe heavily seasoned dishes. The term first appeared in print in the late 1700s, though the exact date is debated. By the 1800s, "deviled" described h... Read More »

Where did Life Savers get their name?

Clarence Crane created Life Savers candies in 1912 while trying to come up with a summer treat that would not melt. It was because of the candy's resemblance to life preservers that they received t... Read More »

Does Starbucks burn their coffee?

Actually, a big part of the reason is that Starbucks over-roast the coffee beans. Hence people around where I live call the "Charbucks", because the coffee tastes charred. Over roasting the beans i... Read More »