Where did Plato go to school?

Answer Plato, born around 427 B.C.E., studied at a few institutions. He educated himself in music, poetry, metaphysics, epistemology and politics while at the palaistra of Ariston and at a gymnasium owned... Read More »

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Who were Plato's siblings?

What did Plato discover?

Plato was a great philosopher and discovered a system in which to examine ethical, political, metaphysical and human knowledge. The methods and strategies he used to tackle these issues influenced ... Read More »

Plato's Influences on Religion?

Long before the saints of Christianity and the prophet of Islam, Greek philosopher Plato considered the good life, the ideal state, the soul and the limits of human knowledge. Plato's subsequent in... Read More »

Is plato's cave a parable?

Plato's Metaphor of the Cave or Allegory of the Cave refers to a parable that addresses ignorance and knowledge. In this parable, Plato envisions a group of people who live chained in a cave and be... Read More »