Where did Picasso go to school?

Answer According to, in 1895 Pablo Picasso entered the art academy La Llotja in Barcelona, Spain, where his father taught. He entered the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid, Spain in th... Read More »

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What school of art did Pablo Picasso help create?

Pablo Picasso, one of history's most influential artists, helped create the Synthetic Cubism movement in 1907, along with painter George Barques. The Cubism movement involved taking apart objects, ... Read More »

Picasso Art Projects?

Art projects imitating Pablo Picasso's various styles offer an opportunity for everyone to have success. His surreal, monochromatic, abstract and Cubist works inspire even unskilled artists to enjo... Read More »

What kind of art did Picasso do?

Artcyclopedia classifies Pablo Picasso as a Spanish Cubist painter and Sculptor. Picasso employed styles including Realism, Cubism and Expressionism. In addition to being a painter and sculptor, he... Read More »

When did Pablo Picasso create his art?

Pablo Picasso created his art over most of his 91 years of life. He created his first work in 1889 at 8 years old and completed his final work in 1971 at age Biography